SOLD 2007 Komori Lithrone LSX-629+CX

<strong>2007 Komori Lithrone LSX-629+CX

24″ x 29.50″ 6-Color, Series 45 Full Automation, Harris & Bruno Anilox Coater with Chambered Doctor Blade, PDC-SII Closed Loop Print Density Control, FAPC Full Automatic Plate Changers, KHS Komori Hyper Speed Inking, KMS-IV, AMR Presets, Automatic Ink Roller, Blanket and Impression Cylinder Washers, Ink Temperature Control and Refrigeration, Non-Stop Feeder, Extended Non-Stop Delivery, Pierry IR Dryer with Hot Knives, Powder Spray, 176mm Impressions – Reference 1277X1